Inspired by the Delaney sisters – who in their New York Times'  bestseller and  Broadway stage play, Having Our Say, credited their longevity to never having lived with “worrisome” men – these sassy sisters “of-a-certain-age” declare that they’d rather not live without men…worries and all!

     With M.O.I.ST., their Multiple Orgasm Initiative for Sexual Transformation, this dynamic duo now travels the world over,  evangelizing on the joys of “seasoned” sexuality – motivating mature women to get their "groove" back on;  acting as role models for younger women on how to keep their "mojo" workin'; and inspiring, educating and entertaining men on the sexual wants, needs and desires of women.
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     The setting is a warm, sensual and gracious (just like the Peechee Sisters themselves) ballroom of a posh hotel. The audience members are all attendees of a M.O.I.S.T. workshop that Sonia and Ginger have conducted earlier in the day. Tonight's entertainment is a celebration of all the information the attendees have received...and a candid sharing by Sonia and Ginger on how they came to be such experts.

Ideally, the Peechee Sisters will one day be warmly welcomed into the living-rooms of their audiences, as all those women who have missed seeing themselves represented on television flock to their screens, again,  when Sonia & Ginger are on the air!


                                                                  "While menopause and midlife malaise
                                                                   are the 'topics du jour' of many   
                                                                   theater and performance pieces
                                                                   currently targeting
the aging-female
                                                                   baby-boomer market, we are
                                                                   committed to changing the paradigm
                                                                   on sex and the older woman as
                                                                   energizing, life-affirming and nothing
                                                                   to be ashamed of!"
                                                                                 - Mariann Aalda & Iona Morris



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Sonia Peechee - “The Love Goddess of Sexual Freedom” 
(Iona Morris)

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                Author of A Sensual Woman’s Way, Sonia hosts a successful late-night radio program where she guides men and women to allowing their SEXUAL DESIRES to live; BEING FREE with who they are; developing their CREATIVE minds; learning to be more COMPASSIONATE toward themselves and others; inspiring them to share JOY wherever they go, and LIVING LIFE in their TRUE LIGHT.  As an “Illuminatress” of the natural strength and sensuality of the vibrant female species, she is an iconic 21st CENTURY CORTESAN.

Sonia was born with a natural, earthly sensuality.  Old women laughing at her wit, whispered “Ooo… you’ve got the devil in you.” Her nickname at a young age was “Sapphire,” and the opposite sex has always loved to watch her walk.  But Sonia was innocent to all these things, living a free, expressive, fun, butterfly life; cleavage growing and hips swaying. 

She left home at 16 and never looked back.  From a torch singer to a boat hand in Bora Bora, she has loved men and they have loved her, but after breaking off her third engagement, Sonia accepted that love was for her, but just not living with or being married to any one man.  A professed single woman, she loves traveling the world with her sister, Ginger, as they inspire women with their "MOIST!" motivational workshops.

  Ginger Peechee-Keene - “The ‘Little Woman’ Gone Wild!” 
(Mariann Aalda)

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Whenever Clarence Keene would pat his wife, Ginger, on the head in public and introduce her as “the little woman,” Ginger, an ex-beauty queen, (she never won the big title, but was first-runner up in two pageants and Miss Congeniality in three) could feel herself getting smaller and smaller…until, eventually, she disappeared – only to be replaced by a newer model, fresh off the assembly line and right out of “The Little Woman Showroom.”

With the help of her younger (but decidedly more worldly) “bachelorette” sister, Sonia, Ginger began to see that as one door closed, wonderful and exciting new ones were becoming available to open. 

Having gone directly from living with her parents to living with her husband, she is now – with her last child off to college – totally on her on own for the very first time and putting her naturally “congenial” personality to good one of the top sellers at CREAM, a leading “adult-toy,” at-home party company. Along with Sonia, Ginger now conducts "MOIST!" motivational workshops -- inspiring “seasoned” women everywhere to enhance their love lives by learning (as she has learned) to first, love themselves!

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It Takes a Village...

Writer-Creators: Mariann Aalda & Iona Morris
Director:  Penny Johnson Jerald
Musical Director & Arranger/Composer: Munyungo Jackson
Songs/Music & Lyrics:  Aalda & Morris
Vocal Director/Arranger: Phylliss Bailey Brooks
Keyboards & Additional Arrangements:  Haakon Graf
Choreography Contributors: Kara Mack-Cummings, Joyce Guy
Lighting & Set Consultant: Christian Epps
Sound Design:  Michael Bell
Production Stage Manager: Nicole Rossi, Tory N. Thompson
Asst. Stage Manager: Kimberly J. Sizemore
Production House Manager: Babe Evans
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For 2007 NBTF Performance  & Video

Choreographer: Joni Palmer
TD & Lighting Designer: Nerissa Williams
Musicians for this Performance: Edwin Livingston/Bass
                                                    Quentin Dennard/Drums

Press & Production Photographer: Ian Foxx
Video Editor: George Artope/Eyeedit
Video Announcer: Dave Fennoy
Set & Sound Design: Al & Mo Productions
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